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Build A Persona And Not Just A Bot

Bluefish is a powerful and secured platform that delivers AI-powered chatbots to businesses and brands irrespective of the industries they serve.

“Personality” matters while building a bot and that’s exactly bluefish does. It enhances the user experience of bots with personality and engages with your customers across applications, websites, and social media platforms.

Our Popular chatbots

Power up your business with the Bluefish Platform. Unveil a set of powerful APIs with an instinctual user interface.

Appointment Booking Bot

Engage in a one-on-one conversation with your patients. Increase your ease of accessibility by providing them an approachable avenue to understand your treatments and book appointments effectively & without any hassles.

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Insurance Bot

Forget the long lines at the insurance office and tedious calls to the agent. With our insurance bot, help your customers enjoy a streamlined path to make claims and various others queries at the tap of a button.

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Lead Generation

Reduce your time and expense incurred during lead generation with our Lead Generation Bot and garner potential customers efficiently. With no time scale, out bot can work 24/7 to help you tap into agreeable customers at any time of the day.

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Restaurant Booking Bot

Choose fine dining over long reservation lines with our Hunger Bot/ Table booking bot. Help your customers with online booking facility and optimize your staff’s work process for a more streamlined and engaging approach.

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HR Bot

Simplify your HR processing, employee complaints and other relevant organizational matters on the HR Bot. Punch in the instructions and your virtual assistant is good to go.

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Customer Service

Ensure that your customers are not kept waiting for their resolutions. Do away with the time-consuming call services and be more approachable to your customers with the help of our Customer Service Bot.

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Key Features

3x Conversions

Don’t let a poor customer experience sabotage your business. Customers are 3 times more likely to make a purchase when you reach them with an interactive chat.


Business is all about how much you invest and how much money you earn back. Chatbots help businesses to save on customer service costs by enhancing the response.

24×7 Seamless Services

Chatbots require 0% human involvement and can work round the clock without shifts. ShapeYour customers don’t not have to wait for you to get their answers.

Interactive Conversations

We build a bot persona and not just a machine. With our interactive GIFs and question templates, you will be able to delight your customers really quick with an unbroken and consistent experience.


An AI sourced chatbot, it has analytical capabilities that understands your questions and answers immediately with relevant solutions.
It engages in a human like conversation to enable a seamless connection with the customer and enhance their user experience.
With a seamless AI integration, that chatbot allows the users to automate tasks in a hassle-free manner.

Conversational commerce impacts all industries

Chatbots improve the overall customer experience and can process common consumer requests. Be it accessing the news updates, booking a table at a restaurant, booking tickets, automating tasks, ordering food, checking the weather, or executing workflows – chatbots can perform them in seconds. With chatbots, you can slash the time invested in switching to other apps and engage in a conversation.


Avail financial and banking services instantly without compromising on security and user experience.


Negate waiting on long calls and help your customers cut to the chase with chatbots. Let them place and track orders without hassles.


Increase your user experience by engaging your customers with custom made chatbots for order enquiry, tracking, and refund status.


Let your customers book appointments and avail healthcare benefits conveniently without using phone.


Assist your customers and allow them to remotely connect to you for counselling, course information and educational services.


Avoid the mess of numerous phone calls. Allow your customers to seamlessly gather information, book travel tickets and hotels.


Have a non-chaotic way for your customers to look up your services and have them book appointments.


Quit the stress of paper work and arduous calls. Give yourself and your clients the convenience of tracking and filing claims.

Real Estate

Assist your customers better while they check out available properties and avail customer services.


Have simplified chatbots and allow your customers to book services and track their parcels effectively and efficiently.


Help your guests book table on-the-go, go through the menu, and assess locations at the tap of a button.


Leverage on intellect chatbots to interact and automate with your customers effectively.


Integrate Anywhere

API support to integrate with 100's of tools like Slack, Yammer, Hubspot, Salesforce, etc.
Integrate anywhere using simpler HTML or Javascript code snippet.

What our clients are saying

Clients & Feedback

“Impiger has always been able to seamlessly scale up or down to match our development needs with on-demand software development. Their initiative, design ability and quality of work has been excellent. We easily forget that they are not employees of our company. They have been a great partner and really care about our success.”

Ash Maurya Founder

“Impiger has been able to take our vision of internal production workflow and realize it with their expertise in communication platforms. The proprietary system they have developed allows us to be organized and efficient without making compromises on usability and unneeded features that plague other commercial and open source solutions. We wouldn’t be where we are without the valuable partnership we established with Impiger!”

Jesse Rapczak VP - Production

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