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About us

Bluefish is formed with an intention to provide efficient and cost-effective access to AI and bot technology. We build AI-powered chatbots and provide a comprehensive console to help you get your bot to your website running in minutes.

Since it is the era of “artificial intelligence,” the typical way of filling those boring forms and waiting for the customer service person to respond is no longer going to work.

The chatbots built with our platform assists businesses to give their customers a whole new experience that is not only engaging but also much beyond than those boring forms.

The results are of course, more conversion rates, higher quality leads and happier customers. Join our vivacious bot community to see what the world of artificial intelligence looks like!

Driven by extreme passion for analyzing user behaviors deeply, Bluefish allows you to unlock more insights and performance analytics of your business and brand. Founded in New York by serial entrepreneurs, we’ve used our extensive experience at large firms and small startups to create a unique team whose focus is, above all, creating great products.


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