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With the lifestyle and wellness industry booming and making way into the day-to-day lives of consumers, it is essential for spas and salons to adopt digital marketing as a part of its branding referendum. So without any further ado, let us jump into what will help your enterprise, create a buzz among the clientele.

Refine Your Social Media Presence
A social media presence is of paramount importance. With more than a billion social users, it facilitates visibility for an extensive customer base. Social media platforms offer an outlet for creativity and enable the curation of engaging campaigns that will have the attention of your target audience.
For instance, a picture campaigning highlighting the experience of visiting customers can be leveraged to boost the engagement model. Spas and salons also have the advantage of being voraciously pictorial, and you can use the power of pictures to build an online brand presence. Instagram is one of the most prominent platforms to display campaigns to amp the visual appeal of the store.
Some of the tips and tricks to make the most out of pictures or videos are as follows:

  1. Photos of gift boxes
  2. The well-done interiors
  3. A short video of how things are done at your spa/salon
  4. Tutorial videos
  5. Before and after pictures of customers

Chatbots are the novel members of the marketing paradigm that are simplifying customer relationship and lead generation without substantial capital investment or high maintenance cost. Chatbots, with their 24/7 availability can cater to customer queries irrespective of time and place as well as make scheduling appointments easier and interactive. Advantages of implementing chatbots in your spa/salon services are:

  1. Automation of booking and scheduling appointments
  2. Ease of data accessibility and retrieving
  3. Automating customer service
  4. Increased customer engagement
  5. 24/7 presence

Digital Marketing Strategies for Spas and Salons

Content Marketing
Content is king, and it is especially imperative if you want to amplify the online presence of your brand. Let us break this segment down.
Content can be in the form of words, graphics or videos. The knack to optimize the content prevalent to your brand as per the customer search and queries is what builds the brand presence. Spas and salons have the advantage of being experimental & flexible with their content. Following are the steps that can ensure an optimized content marketing strategy:

  • Stay updated with the requirements of the target audience and make a constant effort to understand the buyer’s psychology. Being the supplier to their demands will put you in a strategic location.
  • Put special emphasis on keyword research as this will help you create customized content that will not only rank in the search engine but cater to what the target is looking for.
  • Content optimization is perhaps the most critical strategy that can help create crisp and relevant content without expending on herculean resources and focusing on organic growth.
  • Determine the niche. It is vital to create content that is relevant to your industry as well as your target audience, but at the same time, ensure that the platforms for publishing the article are industry oriented.
  • Maintain consistency.
  • Analyze the outcome and fine-tune the content to suit the expected results more.
  • Experiment with new ideas and content to reach out to a new audience or create more engaging material to help pique the interest of your customers.

Email Marketing
Email is one of the reliable sources of communication and almost everyone today has an email account that they check regularly. Spas and salons can integrate highly visual and attention-grabbing email marketing campaigns that can voice the brand identity and create a loyal customer base.
The advantages of using email marketing are:

  • Increase in ROI: With the low capital investment, email marketing is great branding collateral that can continuously create ripples in the industry.
  • Direct touch with the customers: Email marketing brings the brand right to the customer’s inbox while adding a dash of customization.
  • Paves the way for personalization: Emails can be crafted to address your customers personally and create content concerning what they might be looking for.
  • Email marketing enables omnichannel presence: With most emails accessed via mobile phones, you can make your email marketing campaigning far-reaching and more impactful.

Maintain An Online Consistency
By being consistent with your online presence, you stay in the periphery of your client circle and remain relevant throughout. You can adopt some simple steps to maintain an active online presence

  • Unlock online booking: It cannot get any simpler than this. By enabling the online booking feature, you can convert more leads that come your way and assure customer orientation of your spa/salon remains prevalent.
  • Organic social media marketing: Talk about the latest addition to your spa or new features that will make your customers feel like the privileged inner circle members. This builds loyalty.
  • Put information on your website: Try being as informative as possible on your website. Put your services and pricing details on your site so that the customer can decide in real time about their decision to use your services and book an appointment immediately via the online booking feature present. It is all about making things easier for the customer.

Build Up On Reviews
Every business rating can increase the proficiency and appeal of a brand by 5-10% and those with ‘excellent’ reviews can enjoy a customer base that will spend up to 30% more for their services. Therefore, it is imperative for spas and salons, both members of the luxury & lifestyle industry where customer orientation takes the cake, to invest in their online review and rating programs.
Such openings also encourage customers to voice out positive feedback that can help improve services and modules to suit their requirements better. Social media and review websites are great platforms to amp up the review & rating segment and bring forth the positive image of the brand for better outreach.

Digital Marketing Strategies for Spas and Salons

The Key Takeaway
Digital marketing strategies for spas and salons are not in a limited realm but a continuously evolving practice that will help fine tune the image of the brand and make it more customer-oriented as well as relevant.
Tell us about the digital marketing practices that worked for you!

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