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Bluefish brings the automated power of chatbots right at your doorstep, custom made, just for your business.

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A Chatbot is an extension of the human help which is omnipresent, economically efficient, precise and 24/7 available. While companies, especially in these critical times, are looking to automate their communication points, chatbots can be a great option.

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Business owners can be understaffed with a high volume of customers to engage with. Everytime they fail to answer a question, leaving someone on hold or worse, not getting around to replying, the damage can be detrimental to the company reputation (not to mention its profits!) A customer service chatbot is an excellent tool for providing quality engagement at scale by providing relevant and timely information to their inquiries. In times of crisis, the up-to-date feedback a customer service chatbot provides for customers is irreplaceable and will make them feel appreciated and like their voice matters.

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With companies going remote or shifting to a leaner workforce, there is a serious dearth of working hands for many organization. Chatbots can be an extension to a company’s existing tools and services as it can easily integrate with your existing systems like CRM, IVR and many more, acting as the medium between all the stakeholders that enables easy communication and actionable insights.


At Bluefish, we aim to elevate the business community amidst these times of crisis and would like to extend our support to ensure that their operations do not suffer a setback. Under our Here2Help initiative, we are extending our 3 month free trial offer to organizations and help them keep the business wheels running!


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