• February 15, 2019
  • Travis
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Chatbots are taking industries by storm, and artificial intelligence (AI) is the new trend these days. They are helping businesses understand human behavior better and increase their customer engagements. The recruitment industry is sowing the magic beans of AI, relying on chatbots to connect with both candidates and hiring organizations. The story of recruiting bots traces back to the lack of personal connectivity adopted during recruitment. Recruitment specialists would select the relevant candidate, get in touch with them, and would later disappear with a “we will get back to you” message. This indifference is a result of the communication gap between recruiters and candidates, where the former is dealing with thousands of applicants, unable to attend to each one personally. This can lead to loss of several essential skills for a job, candidates’ loss of time, and high expenditure of time & capital. The Recruitment Bot Advantage Recruitment bots were created to fix this problem. Programmed to sync with emails, social media platforms, SMS, and messaging platforms, recruitment bots help candidates secure jobs quickly. They assist recruiters with core operations of hiring like pre-screening, interview schedules, and onboarding. Today candidates prefer to interact with a virtual interface rather than call and expend their time on redundant processes. 80 percent of job seekers prefer their job application process to be a mix of technology and human interaction, according to the study conducted by Randstad. Undeniably, recruitment bots act as one point of contact AND as a data repository that can help job seekers continue with their application without hindrance. A chatbot also has a well-laid interface which acts as branding collateral as the face of the organization. Many candidates tend to drop the application process halfway since the recruiters are too busy with hiring processes. Recruitment bots can ask for feedback and use that data to improve the hiring tactics & policies. This saves time, money, and efforts of the recruiters. Since these bots are created to mimic human conversations, the insights gathered post feedback can help the hiring stakeholders understand human behavior when considering this job. Recruitment Bots get job vacancies filled quickly. Selecting the Right Recruitment Bot Recruitment is organization-specific and the chatbot should be in sync with the custom HR policies, complying with the existing technical infrastructure and processes. Chatbots take time to learn, and the same applies to your HR bot. They learn from previous communication and use machine learning to formulate new responses. If they fail to establish regular communication with the candidates, it might be time to shift to a new bot. Today, chatbots are continuously learning and improvising their responses and interacting with hundreds of candidates simultaneously. Recruitment bots are substantially cutting down on workloads, economic investments, manual error, and are rising as the trusted ally of the HR industry.

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