Chatbot 2022 trends to shape your business

2021 was a year of conversational automation, primarily due to the pandemic moving everyone on to an environment of predominantly virtual interactions - bringing the subject of AI chatbots to the spotlight for businesses worldwide.  

The average chatbot today is far smarter than its counterpart a year ago. You can attribute this to major improvements in the four pillars of conversational engagement – Better NLU, NLP, Automation, and Sentiment Analysis. If you have been on any consumer-facing software or eCommerce site recently, odds are you have either interacted with or been forced to ignore a Chatbot. Whether you were prompted to ask a question or offered Chatbot assistance, the exposure and use of Chatbots is here to stay, and will continue to grow. 

Conversational Marketers: Automate Your Lead Generation Process using AI Chatbot

In 2021, Marketers have become the largest adopters of chatbot automation within businesses, using automated tools 73% more than Sales and 134% more than Finance as reported by HubSpot. Today it is important that businesses start conversations with web visitors to ensure they don’t lose out potential leads to competition. Looking ahead to 2022, Marketing & Sales trends show that it would be a year of “Digital Lead Generation”.  


The Future of Recruiting: AI chatbots to enrich the application and interviewing process

Recruiters juggle many relationships when trying to hire new employees into a company.  There’s both hiring manager expectations and the candidates’ experience.  How can a recruiter play matchmaker and keep all parties engaged and happy? 

Moving into 2021, digital tools assist recruiters in their daily workflow. By harnessing the power of social networking and job board sites, recruitment has been streamlined. And to assist both the job seekers and the HR teams, recruitment chatbots are consequential. 

Chatbots: A Central Knowledge Base For Customers and Employees

Businesses have a lot of data in their company. Having a central place to access it for both internal and external stakeholders is crucial to productivity. Without it, both employees and customers will be wasting precious time sifting through information to find relevant answers for their specific needs.

Knowledge management is an multidisciplinary approach to achieve organizational objectives by making the best use of knowledge. Knowledge based systems, or KBS, was created to consolidate company-wide resources for easy access.


How Can Humans and AI Collaborate to Improve Customer Service?

Businesses are faced with an extraordinary time where they must adapt to a remote workplace. Yet customers still come knocking on the door asking questions about how their service or product will be impacted. When crisis strikes, who are you going to call ?

Banks are Overwhelmed and Chatbots are the Cure​

Banking institutions are facing an extraordinary crisis. Their customers are in desperate need for reassurance as the traditional landscape shifts from physical to digital interactions.

Both retail and commercial banking want to know their financial well-being is safeguarded under the banks they do business with. To combat the crisis, banks are leveraging chatbot technology to communicate strength in their institutional structure.


When Customers Need You Most: Answer the Call with Chatbots

Businesses are faced with an extraordinary time where they must adapt to a remote workplace. Yet customers still come knocking on the door asking questions about how their service or product will be impacted. When crisis strikes, who are you going to call? Chatbots.

An HR Adventuring Guide to Chatbots

In this gig economy, employee wellness and experience are of the utmost priority of any HR professional in attracting & retaining talent. Adopting emerging technologies to keep up with these growing demands is the only way to stay ahead and one powerful tool is the chatbot.

Journey alongside Bluefish to learn how these conversational interfaces are redefining the employee experience and, in the process of, offloading the heavy volume HR professionals experience daily. In this webinar you will learn what chatbot technology is and how it’s augmenting recruiting efforts, benefits, and employee relations.


7 Bots Your Company Can Deploy Today

Companies know that bots are doing great things, but what EXACTLY are they doing? And more importantly, how can those companies leverage bots to increase profits, cut costs and provide a better user experience for their stakeholders?

In this webinar, you will learn about 7 very important use cases in the bot world that can be applied to ANY industry.

Recruiting Made Easy – A Chatbot Solution for Recruiters & Job Candidates Alike!

Finding the right fit for a vacant position in your company can be a big challenge. Recruiters are slammed with more daily applications than they have time to sift through. Some are irrelevant to the role, while other possibly qualified candidates are unavailable. And that’s just the online pre-screening process, even before you factor in ‘a good culture fit’!

Learn in this webinar how you can harness the power of a chatbot to quell your worst recruiting nightmares.


Bring Justice To Your Legal Battles With Chatbots

Lawyers spend on average 70 hours a week working. Whether in court, in meetings with clients, or researching/writing, their time is finite and they still need to keep acquiring new business. However, nearly 23% of a lawyer’s job can be automated, according to a recent study by the McKinsey Global Institute.

In this webinar, you will learn the different use cases where chatbots can be implemented, how chatbots can manage conversations with visitors on your website and messaging channels like Facebook Messenger, Slack, etc.

Reward Your Dentistry With A Chatbot Treat

Patients mean everything. Dentists rely on them to come in the office for appointments to make a living. There is nothing more frustrating than having an empty operating room! So how can you keep your office filled with a steady stream of patients that call you their favorite dentist?

In this webinar you will discover how technology tools like chatbots are connecting your office with thousands of daily visitors looking to schedule appointments.


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