How Can Humans and AI Collaborate to Improve Customer Service?

Managing customer relations at scale can be taxing on your resources, doubly so if that expectation is needed around the clock. Customer experience is a hot topic these days as brands try to differentiate themselves from their competitors.  To retain loyalty, companies are looking for solutions to augment their existing customer teams while seeking innovative technologies to automate their daily communication challenges.

The best companies out there are using artificial intelligence to supercharge their digital interactions with customers around the globe.  AI-powered solutions are eliminating long wait times, reducing churn, and delivering valuable insight on customer data for brands to make informed decisions on their customer service strategy.

In this webinar you’ll see the power of artificial intelligence and its role is improving customer experience.  You will learn all about:

  • How AI analyzes data to create personalized customer experiences
  • How AI serves customer support agents as knowledge based systems.
  • How AI chatbots are augmenting teams by streamlining repetitive conversations.

Date: 7 July 2021

Time: 11.30 AM CST

Duration: 30 Minutes

Speaker: Travis McCallum

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