In 2021, Marketers have become the largest adopters of chatbot automation within businesses, using automated tools 73% more than Sales and 134% more than Finance as reported by HubSpot. Today it is important that businesses start conversations with web visitors to ensure they don’t lose out potential leads to competition. Looking ahead to 2022, Marketing & Sales trends show that it would be a year of “Digital Lead Generation”.  

It’s not too late for you as well, to start this year by automating a part of your lead generation strategy with a 24×7 AI driven chatbot. 

In this webinar we’ll share: 

  • What Conversational Marketing entails and how Chatbots are an integral part 
  • How to use Chatbots to automate lead generation and personalize your buyer’s journey 
  • A quick overview of Bluefish.AI platform
  • LIVE demo of a Lead Generation Bot And most importantly 
  • How you can setup one for your business 

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