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Finding the right fit for a vacant position in your company can be a big challenge. Recruiters are slammed with more daily applications than they have time to sift through. Some are irrelevant to the role, while other possibly qualified candidates are unavailable. And that’s just the online pre-screening process, even before you factor in ‘a good culture fit’!

Your recruiter’s life doesn’t have to be a stress ball on overdrive and here’s why.

Chatbots automate repetitive tasks and vet out unfit applications. Chatbots do a whole lot more than that! Imagine if you could wake up in the morning and instead of seeking out candidates, they just showed up in your calendar, qualified and ready to interview?

Learn in this webinar how you can harness the power of a chatbot to quell your worst recruiting nightmares. You might just say a chatbot brings you close to recruiting heaven.

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